The area where Krogh’s Restaurant & Brew Pub now stands was a beautiful meadow with a meandering stream until the early 1920’s. The Arthur D. Crane company set out to accomplish what some considered could only be a dream. Plans were drawn up for a private lake community. Over 2,300 acres of land were purchased from nearly 300 owners (at a cost of “over several hundred thousand dollars” according to a sales brochure). By the end of the decade, the dream had been fulfilled, the dam was built and Lake Mohawk was formed.

The many faces of the building at 23 White Deer Plaza began in 1927. It was one of the first commercial buildings to stand in this historic area, beginning its life as the Tea Room and Gift Shoppe, opening to feed visitors and sell souvenir trinkets of Lake Mohawk. Sometime after the Tea Room and Gift Shoppe existed in 1927, the building became known as The Seneca Shoppe.

Seneca Shoppe

The Seneca Shoppe then became known as the Sagamore Restaurant.

Sagamore Restaurant

And then the Sagamore Restaurant became the Sagamore Inn.

Sagamore Inn

At the end of prohibition, owner Carl Malmquist created a tavern and a meeting place for residents and visitors to eat, drink and socialize. The Sagamore Inn became the Carl Malmquist Restaurant.

The Old Carl Malmquist Restaurant


In 1937, Frede Krogh purchased Carl Malmquist Restaurant and Krogh’s Restaurant & Tap Room was born. That name has remained the same for over 60 years. From the beginning, the building’s guests and employees witnessed many events: the roaring twenties, the Depression, World War II, the Korean and Vietnam Wars and 17 Presidential Elections.

Through it all, Krogh’s stood consistent and proud, serving so many people in so many ways. To some, Krogh’s was an escape from the cruelty of life, while to others, Krogh’s was a pleasant, familiar face in a savage and grim world, as its bartenders served as counselors, judge and jury. Many relationships have flourished at Krogh’s – guests have laughed and cheerfully passed time away. Many a couple have met at Krogh’s, marrying and producing generations of families. Many tears have been shed, while much laughter has echoed from the walls of this remarkable institution.

Restaurant & Tap Room

During the 1940’s…

Mrs. Krogh established Krogh’s as one of the finest restaurants in New Jersey, famous for homemade cuisine with a special caring touch seen in few establishments. Children of this era remember Mrs. Krogh as she patted them on the head and made them eat their vegetables, only to be rewarded with one of her homemade desserts. But as Mrs. Krogh aged, she was unable to manage the kitchen as she had for so many years. The food began to fade and the bar began to expand. The era of the rowdy Krogh bar was born.


Mrs. Krogh called it quits and sold the restaurant to Ed and Alice King, and George and Missy Dykstra. In an effort to establish a fine restaurant, food once again became the priority. “Big John”, a seven foot, two inch chef, was hired to run the kitchen and reintroduce good food at Krogh’s.


In November of 1981, Bob Fuchs purchased Krogh’s Restaurant and Tap Room, and he became the fourth owner of this historic landmark. Bob hired chef Carl David Cooper in August of 1982 to run the kitchen, setting Krogh’s on a path never seen before. Dave has surrounded himself with the finest culinary staff in the area. The menu continues to expand and change with the times to meet the needs of Krogh’s valued guests. Never before has Krogh’s offered such a diverse selection of fine food and beverage combined with the finest service in the entire northern region of New Jersey.

Krogh's History


History was once again made in this National Historic Landmark. “The achievement of excellence and our ability to be outstanding at what we do led to a historic decision,” said Bob. “In the spring of 1999, the restaurant became Krogh’s Restaurant & Brew Pub, the first state-of-the-art microbrewery, producing seven handcrafted beers sold on the premises, to the fine community of Sparta and the entire Sussex County region. “There is no better place to serve handcrafted beers than Krogh’s,” states owner Bob Fuchs.

Krogh’s continues to offer its valued guests the finest selection of hand crafted microbrews and specialty drafts in the entire state of New Jersey. Most recently, Krogh’s Restaurant & Brew Pub has added Cask-Conditioned Ales to their handcraft repertoire, but that’s Krogh’s…always evolving with the times.