Crafted Brews

Three Sisters Golden Wheat

A delicious tribute beer to honor our brewer’s three golden-haired daughters: Shelley, Taryn and Shannan. Three Sisters Golden Wheat is a smooth, filtered wheat beer that can be served on its own, garnished with a lemon wedge or garnished with raspberry syrup.

Krogh’s Gold

This was the christening brew from our state-of-the-art brew house. Constructed to become a part of Krogh’s in 1998, you can peer into our brew house from the brew pub area. Krogh’s Gold is a crisp, mildly
malted, mildly hopped beer with a perfect balance.

Alpine Glow Red Ale

This tantalizingly complex brew was named af ter the surreal aura that occurs when the sun sets over the lake. Alpine Glow Red Ale has a creamy texture characterized by a pleasant malt-hop interaction. It finishes with a malty aroma and an easy hop flavor.

Brogden Meadow Pale Ale

This brew was named in honor of a 17th century judge who settled here to grow hops. Brogden Meadow Pale Ale pays homage to a beautiful farm area, a historic communit y and a time-honored beer style. This is a well-hopped brew teaming with easy-drinking flavor

Log Cabin Nut Brown

This craf ted beer represents the visionary st yle of Lake Mohawk’s developer, Arthur D. Crane. Krogh’s was the cornerstone of the Tudorstyle village he built from logs and fieldstone. Log Cabin Nut Brown is a smooth drinking, nutty malt brew full of flavor, aroma and texture.

Old Krogh Oatmeal Stout

“Krogh” is the last name of the owners from 1937, but a bird, or a crow, has been the symbol for this establishment for generations. Our Stout has a mahogany hue and a full, creamy head. It has a dry, roasted oatmeal-malt flavor with sweet, nutty, chocolate overtones.

Krogh’s Seasonal Brews

It’s about time. It’s about creation. Each Seasonal we brew is invitingly filled with warmth and character, just what you’ve come to expect at Krogh’s! Sample our Christmas Ale, Maibocks, Irish Stouts, Honey Wheats or our Oktoberfests. Please ask your server about our latest Seasonal brew on tap

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